The start of something new…at least new for me.

Hey there, as you can see from the name of this post, this is the start of something new for me. I have played with the idea of blogging some and never was quite sure what I was about, or what my point would be.

I mean I know what I like, and I know who I am, but why would i need to put something on the web for others to see or hear? Why would anyone care about coming to my site and seeing updates that I put out. I then i kind of realized that was the wrong idea of me putting stuff out there. I need to do it for me, and hope that I make a few friends in the process. This is my chance to delve into a hobby or format that i have enjoyed for quite some time. I read many other peoples blogs, and I listen to countless numbers of pod-casts and the idea of doing my own really intrigues me. Even if it is just to be able to buy some new things for my computer to make fun voices with. LOL

So here is what I have planned. I would like to do a small gaming podcast. I know there are lots out there, but it’s what I like to do. I’ll talk about what I’m playing, what I do or don’t like about the game and if i recommend it. The normal stuff. Hopefully with some encouragement I will stick to a game and play it through so i can give better insight into the game (don’t worry, no spoilers). I will keep it short and sweet and hopefully stay pretty regular with it. I would like to be able to do one at least every two weeks or so. Longer than that and games become old news pretty quick. I will also include games that are coming out that I am excited to play. Another thing I would like to do is to be able to game with you guys and gals from the gaming community and get your take on games and perception of whats going on in the gaming world, or just run around and shoot stuff!! Hopefully I will be able to record game play and integrate that at some point.

Along with gaming, I am a Dad, husband, business owner, and a bartender. All of these things are things that I will talk about at one point or another and believe me I have stories both good and bad about each one of those aspects of my life. But don’t worry, it won’t be a place for me to moan and groan about things. I want people to want to listen.

I want to be more involved in the gaming community and help spread the word when people do charity events.

Would love for some feedback of things you might want to hear and always looking for more people to game with.

I am also looking for some help with artwork and bumpers for different parts of the podcast to help break it up and make it sound nicer. If that is something you are interested in, please let me know.

Thanks in Advance
Old Skewl