Getting Back

Hello welcome back. If its your first time…Welcome!!

Just a quick post about where I have been spending my gaming time the last few weeks since my last post.
I missed some time not long after my last post at the hospital. My baby ended up there with dehydration. What we thought would be a one to two day stay turned into a five day stay. Lots of days back and fourth with my wife staying there with the baby and me running the older two around to school and soccer practices and homework and…you get the point, no time for any pc or console gaming. And I can’t remember what I was playing on the phone. But now that everyone is all better and back home, time is still pretty limited. Thanksgiving breaks and Christmas coming, everything is crazy!

Now that things are settling in better most of my gaming time has been in Warcraft. I’ve only gotten my mage to 86 and that was maybe 2 nights ago. I have also been working on my alts just trying out different parts of the game with them. I got my Shaman to level 60 so now I can fly. I have really been enjoying him lately especially in battlegrounds. I played a mage so long it’s weird for me to get a character up close to do damage. I have also leveled my druid to level 30. I mostly play this one as a healer and again its such a different style of play it has taken me some time to get used to it. I’ve had a few really fun BG’s lately with my healer so it keeps me going back.

The only other game that I have been playing is a little of COD:Blops 2. I haven’t gone back to the campaign at all. I have been playing multi-player, but mostly the league play. I like the many different game types that it offers and the chance to compete with people of my skill level. As much as I love FPS games, I just am not that good at them. LOL With the league I feel like I have a chance to win something.

I’m still looking at throwing a podcast together at some point. There are ducks and rows involved and hopefully I can get them together. Stay tuned 🙂

Just want to make a quick shout out to everyone at the Frogpants-LoseIt group and say keep it up!! A bunch of great people supporting each other in their weight loss/maintenance journey!

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