Post Alamo City Comic Con!

Had a blast at Alamo City CC!  This is definitely the biggest comic convention I have ever been to.  It was almost overwhelming at times, but once we got through the picture and autograph lines it got a lot better.

We only got to go on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday we knocked out all the photo ops.  We got pictures with Milly Bobby Brown (Eleven from “Stranger Things”) , the 3 main voice actors from the game GTA 5, and my wife got her picture made with Ralph Macchio…one of her first “actor crushes”  awwww!  We also got to sit in on the Milly Q&A panel.  The rest of the day was spent walking through all of the vendors and artists and just trying to take as much in as possible.

Sunday was the day to really take in the show.  While my wife and daughter went to the “Stranger Things” panel with the guys from the series, my boys and I made our way through the many vendors and artist that were there displaying their work.

My favorite part of any these conventions is getting to talk to the artists and creators.  Even after 3 days of talking they still seem to light up when you ask them questions about their work.  They know not everyone is a buyer, but showing real interest in what they do and how they make it helps make all the “how much is it?” and walk aways feel a little better.  There were times I wished I had the money to buy everything I liked that weekend.  The talent is remarkable at these shows and I would love to be able to support them all, but my pockets are not near deep enough to be able to do that, so the least I like to do is talk to them, ask them questions, and get a business cards, most of them have sites that they sell their stuff from.   Also, 2 of the artists I saw, I had seen at conventions earlier in the year, so it was fun to talk to them and ask how their year had been and see what new works they had done.

Another fun thing about this show was all of the great cosplays! I forgot my camera and my phone died ( I know, total rookie mistake, I won’t let it happen again! lol) We missed the cosplay contest, but watching everyone walk around, it was amazing seeing the work put in to soo many of their costumes.

Alamo City was a great convention for me and my family and we are already planning on next years show.  We definitely learned a few things that we will do different next time we go, like take a back pack of snacks, and food.  I love that there is food available at the show because I hate having to break up my time going back and forth for lunch and stuff, but I hate that convention centers take full advantage of a “captive” audience.  Just like any sports event or fair I’ve ever been to, they really make sure to push it on prices.  So we will limit the amount of inside food we will need to get next time by packing it in!  LOL

Did you make it to the Alamo City Convention this year?  If so, how did you like it?  What was your favorite part?  What would you recommend for me for next time?   Or do you have any suggestions for any convention I go to?  Any cons that I need to try and get to?

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Alamo City Comic Con

cropped-screenshot_20160920-134936.pngGot my tickets for Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio at the end of October!

I can’t wait to check out this Con that I have heard so much about.  This will be mine and my families first “big city” convention and we are all super excited to see what all is going to be going on that weekend.

We are in the process of trying to decide who we want to have our photo-ops with.  I plan on posting pics and videos on here when I go so be sure to subscribe to be able to check it out!

Have you ever been to this Convention? If so, do you have any pointers for us?

Will you be going to this Convention this year?  If you are, what are you most forward to seeing?

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