Diablo 3!!

Hey there!  If you are back again one thing has stayed constant this month…my play through of Diablo 3.

After beating the main game I decided to get the “Reaper of Souls” expansion.  This expansion includes a higher level cap (70), a new act (Act V), a new playable character (the Crusader) and alternate game modes after reaching level 60, (Rifts and Bounties).

I jumped into Act V with my Demon Hunter that was level 47 and all I can say is that I am hooked more than ever!

The story is Great! This time we are on the hunt for Death himself! The different areas that you are sent to during the story are beautifully drawn and the the new monsters that you encounter are bigger, badder, and more dangerous than ever.

One thing that I have liked about this expansion are the “events” that take place throughout the story.  These are basically side missions that offer a break from the story but a chance for more experience, gold, and loot…we love loot!

Below is a video of a few of the events that I found while traveling through Westmarch Commons.  This is the beginning area of Act V, that starts the transition into the main story.

Clip one is at The Killing Floor. I meet up with Uzkez – The Annihilator. I got a Legendary Crossbow off of him and Ding 48 with the turn in.

Clip two is at the House of Deep Sorrow. Here I see Lady Victoria and after saving her, she turns on me. She dropped the “Horrible Secret” Lore Book, which you need to read for the “People Finder” achievement.

Last clip is at Tustine’s Brewery. Fhosgrave the Usurper – the Vile Reaper, is the boss in this area. I didn’t get any decent drops from him, but still a fun and quick fight.

I really like the extra’s that Blizzard has added in this expansion.  Even though I have yet to try any of the Level 60 game modes, I definitely feel i have gotten my moneys worth with this new Act and all of the side quests that are just in the story mode.

Hopefully by the next time I write here I will have my Demon Hunter to Level 70, I will have defeated Death (again),  and I will have had a chance to run some of the Rifts and Bounties and acquired more Epic Loot.

What was the last game that you played that had a great expansion or updated content?

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Good Week of Gaming!

So I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my gaming/streaming schedule and last week worked out pretty good.

On Monday I did a little of the WoW 6.0.2 update and some of the “Iron Tide” quests before the Warlords Of Draenor expansion releases.  I also worked on my twink Hunter just a bit, but never got into any BG’s so it was kind of slow going.

Wednesday I Got back in to Diablo 3 and kept leveling my demon hunter.  I finally finished the campaign by beating Diablo!!

Here are 2 videos from that night.  The first is one is of one of the last bosses before Diablo, Izual the Betrayer.

The second video is my take down of Diablo himself.  This was a pretty fun fight that started in “Heaven”, then went to the “Shadow Realm”, then back to “Heaven” to finish him off.  The fight wasn’t too bad especially since my companion (the boar)  seemed to be able to taunt and hold aggo pretty well.

I was very hesitant about playing Diablo 3 at first. It actually took me a few tries to really get into the feel of the game, but once I started my Demon Hunter character, I really started getting into it. I am now working on level progression to level cap to be able to play some of the other game modes and be involved in Rifts events for more loot!!

The last part of the week, my son and did some more Co-Op play on Diablo 3. He is leveling a witch Doctor, and I am working on a Wizard.  Our goal is to finish the campaign together. We hope to make this a regular thing.

Here is a video of our take down of Araneae, The Spider Queen.

As you can see it was a pretty good week for me on the gaming front and I’m hoping to continue  this trend!

Have you ever completed a game with someone in co-op mode?  If so which one?  Leave me a comment and let me know a good game or two that my son and I should try to go though together!

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Game Night! With Diablo 3!

I love gaming! There is no two ways about it, I just do.  I  also like being involved in gaming no matter when/where. If I can’t play, I’ll watch others play, whether it’s online with services like Twitch or YouTube, or if it’s my kids playing their favorite Wii, DS, or Steam game.

I have been fortunate enough that my entire family also shares my love for games.  My wife loves time management games like Sally’s Spa and Diner Dash, My daughter can spend hours in Minecraft and Don’t Starve.  The baby (3 1/2) LOVES his Skylanders and any of the Mario Games.  Talk about getting lost in his own world. LOL  My oldest (14) is a lot like me in that he will play almost anything.  He too can spend countless hours building and creating in Minecraft, which his sister loves the company in, and will also play all of the “old games” that we have from our collection of Atari, Original NES, SNES, DreamCast and Sega systems. Or he’s strumming/drumming away in music games like Guitar Hero. (He has great taste in music)

One of my favorite ways to spend game time is with my family.  So when Tucker (the oldest) came to me saying he wanted to play Diablo 3 in Co-Op mode, I was stoked!  We bought him a copy and got everything loaded up the other night.  One of the things that I have been doing lately is streaming all my game play through Twitch,  So just to keep with that theory, I setup my computer to stream our gaming and also record everything.

Below is the last few minutes of our session the other night and “The Skeleton King” boss kill  that is toward the end of Act 1 in game.

Tucker is the witch doctor in game and I was the wizard.

It was a lot of fun playing Co-Op with Tucker and just spending some time in something that we both enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and leave me comments of fun gaming moments with your family or friends.  Or even games that we should try out with good co-op/multiplayer.

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Something else to try.

Hey there again everyone.  Thanks again for stopping by.  I wanted to share with you another place to find me, and hopefully get a little more interaction from me.  I am starting to do more streaming of my game play.   My plan is to stream pretty much every time I play any game.   My setup is still in the building stages, but I am working through those technical hiccups as they come up.  Also my schedule is still very crazy with work and some online schooling, but I still want to be involved in the gaming community and maybe create my own little community of fellow gamers.

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Multiboxing BG – 2 Man Hunter Team

This is my first full capture of a BG with my two man hunter team. This bg was pretty uneventful, but I got a few good runs in and I am starting to get more comfortable with my rotation.
I’ve done multiboxing on and off for a little while, but I this time I am going to try and stick with a team for a while. Maybe even get them to cap. I don’t have a hunter any where close to cap so it could be fun. My main plan for this team will be to run battle grounds for XP and gear and start gathering more heirloom gear for new alts later on. Thanks again for stopping by! Please comment or subscribe!

Ding 90!

I hit lvl 90 finally. This run from 85-90 was pretty rough for me, mostly due to lack of time. This ding was almost uneventful after everything to get here. Looking forward to doing some dungeons, scenarios, and battlegrounds now! Plus I can finally get back to all the events going on in game and with the guild! I also got everything setup to stream and capture so I hope to have more videos of what i’m playing!!