PAX South 2019

Had a great time again this year at PAX South in San Antonio Texas. This is one of the 2 main cons I try to go to every year.

This was my 4th year to make it and the 5th anniversary of this particular venue of Penny Arcade Expo!

I was very happy with this years show. Last years show (2018) left me a little disappointed as a lot of the vendors and developers where the same from the previous years. Now it was cool seeing some of the games that had progressed from year 1 concepts to full fledged, ready to play, games that I could buy at the show. But over all I felt like the show had slowed down and gotten smaller.

This year I was pleasantly surprised! Quite a few new games at many stages of development. Lot’s of new board games, and even more seating for people to play their new board games.

One of my personal goals for this year is to get out and be more involved in the community stuff, the stuff that gets me face time with other streamers, casters, influencers, developers, anything to help”network” and build more relationships. So I signed up for the Twitch Texas Community event that was Saturday night. And it was definitely one of the highlights for me of the whole weekend. Getting to talk with other streamers, some new to the game and starting to grow, to a few that are full time streamers. It was nice just hanging out, hearing their stories of good and bad moments from streams and talking about new things coming out. No matter where you are at in your streaming journey…even if you are a viewer…I highly recommend getting to these events/parties.

I will be playing some of the games I got to see on the show floor throughout the year and will tag them back to PAX Event. Instead of listing out all the games I saw and what I thought about them. Would rather give a full review as i’m playing them or after I complete them.

Any Indie games or Board games that you enjoy playing or looking forward to being released this year?

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