1/7 Stream Night

Security Shadow, Mid level Boss of Dungeon 2

Jumped back in to Persona 5 after a 3 week break from streaming. This game is starting to get more fun as the story is really opening up. I’m getting a better feel for the 3 main characters and I enjoy seeing the dialog between them as they progress.
I got to the mid level boss of the 2nd dungeon, which was nice, since the events leading up to this point are starting to go a little faster than the 1st dungeon. Excited to see how this dungeon finishes up and see why this current bad guy is such a bad dude.

Wanted to thank Dnye (@d_nye45) for the Host. I can’t ever thank people enough for sharing their communities with me and showing me support. It definitely makes streaming a lot more fun.

Thanks for checking out my latest post and be sure to stop by the stream sometime and say Hi!


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